Business investment (Sell Your Business)

Are you looking for a business investor in your project? Or do you have a business that you are looking sell your business?

Is your business based in Europe? Maybe Online?

Especially Self storage, Ecommerce, Printing and SaaS is what we specialise in, but more can have our interests.

We are small group of entrepreneurs that across the continent look at already existing businesses. We have a flexible approach and will consider businesses that doesn’t make profit, if just the revenue is healthy and we understand your business model.

We have a huge experience in putting system in place and turning businesses into profits.

We can purchase businesses in many ways, one can be where you stay as a part-owner but we just buy a minimum of 51% (to gain control, to run it our way and focus on profits).

If you want to discuss further, please send us some us following:

  • A description of your business
  • Length of business ownership
  • Last 2 years revenues / profits
  • Contact details

We will normally respond within 2 working days and if we are interested, one of us will take a Zoom meeting with you to gain more information.

If we are interested, we will send term sheets within 2 weeks normally and can close quickly.

Please send your proposal to [email protected]