About me

I’m Jannik Hansen – a Dane that left Denmark at 19 years old. I started my first business as a teenager. I found my wife when I was 23 years old and today in my early 30’s we have three kids together.

On this blog I’m going to write about everything from my role as a dad, husband but also how I cope with my work life.

After leaving Denmark, I’ve lived in 6 different countries. I guess even we are a family now, you could still call us slow-digital nomads.

My wife and I have our own Youtube channel, where we primarily help other expats into new countries (Portugal for now).

Furthermore, we have now started our own podcast about marriages. Check out this project on MyMarriageFormula.com

If you are looking for one of the digital products I’ve created you can find them here

Entrepreneur life (Active businesses)

Profectify LLC
We provide consulting services within software development, coaching, HR and run a few smaller SaaS businesses.

OnPrint A/S
I’m involved with tech and marketing responsibilities (CTO/CMO) for a smaller printing company in Denmark.

Box+ ApS
I’m a founding partner of the self-storage in Holbæk, Denmark. We’ve built a complete self-storage site, where it’s 100% self-managed. This means that we have automated technology, no padlocks and all people need is simply just their iPhone. It’s a NO-key concept from A-Z.

A concept of notespad provided for free use at schools and libraries in Denmark. Paid by local businesses that buys unique advertisement. 12 months worth of advertisement cost €400’ish, which makes it affordable for many businesses without sizeable marketing budgets.

CoWork+ ApS
I’m a founding partner of a Co-working space in Holbæk. We offer anything from address service to rent a desk, meeting room etc. We also provide address service to businesses that needs a professionel address to receive their mail or for the authorities.

Gullhoj A/S
I have the marketing responsibilities of the book company Gullhoj – which is primarily delivering educational books to the Scandinavian market.